Multi- Media Campaign

After opening up this new Mt. Prospect restaurant in 2006, the owner wanted to expand business in the following areas for 2007.

  • Increase the Monday through Friday sales
  • Increase the catering business
  • Target local businesses for lunch within a 2-5 mile radius

As a result Discover 33 Communications developed a series of marketing tools to enhance and grow this business utilizing the following:

Hosted Brunches for Motherís Day & Fatherís Day, 1 Year Anniversary and Graduation Specials using 4-color ads in The Daily Herald & Pioneer Press Newspapers in special restaurant sections.

Taking advantage of their great location at the corner of Northwest Highway and Route 83 they used costumed individuals to hand out flyers with specials for Easter (Big Bunny), Graduation (Graduate), and 1 Year Anniversary (Big Chicken). Being at a major intersection where many cars are stopped at the red light, drivers had plenty of time to check out the characters and receive a flyer. New signs were created and prominently placed outside of restaurant and on windows. When the created smoothies, we created a 4-color poster for the windows. The same happened when the restaurant received their liquor license, a sign announcing they were serving Mimosaís and Bloody Maryís went up.

Community Event Participation By taking part in several community functions such as the Block Party and the Fine Arts Festival, new patrons became familiar with the restaurant.

New Signage was created for the hostess stand, payment counter and community billboard. Tabletop Displays were created for their special Cinnamon Buns as well as for a Jodiís Special on Friday with a good deal for a burger and a beer, and a 2 For Tuesday Deal.

Direct Mail was used to attract new business. We obtained mailing lists from the Mt. Prospect and Des Plaines Chambers of Commerce, local high schools, and a card drop in box to create an in-house mailing list.

Catering was another area that the restaurant really wanted to increase awareness for. Mailing lists for local businesses were obtained and a new catering menu was designed and printed for mailing as well as distribution at the restaurant.