Multi-Media Campaign – We are Family

Shape Corporation is located in Grand Haven, Michigan just west of Grand Rapids on Lake Michigan. In one year alone they increased their staff by 35%. And this growth has been consistent.

But... unemployment in western Michigan is at an all time low, which means that qualified employees are currently working at other companies. Our goal is to attract those inactive job seekers. We created a long-term proactive campaign to attract that audience.

Item A Newspaper

Utilizing local publications such as the Grand Haven Tribune, Muskegon Chronicle and Holland Sentinel, Discover 33 Communications placed large 2-color ads in the Sports, Automotive and Main News sections to attract inactive job seekers.

Item B Radio

Radio spots referring to the ads were produced and placed onto 2 local stations that skewed the targeted audience.

Item C Billboards

Billboards were produced and put up at strategic locations near and north of Shape based on where their current employees commute.

Item D Press Releases

Press Releases were written and sent to 6 western Michigan publications. The release was published in 4 of those with photos of the current billboards. Grand Rapids and Muskegon published interviews that they conducted with the HR Manager and myself, giving them more publicity.

Item E TV

A local TV station picked up on Shape’s activity from one of the press releases and had a feature segment during the news where they interviewed Shape’s HR Manager giving them even more publicity.